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Mini review: NARS NARSissist Loaded eyeshadow palette [English]

Ok, I need to tell you something in advance, before you go on with reading: I've never done a full review on my blog. Nor on my Instagram account. This mini, tiny one will be up on both platforms and I'm a bit *stressed* about it. I don't know if I'm "good enough". Not that my opinion counts really, there are so many talented bloggers out there.
Anyway, here are my two cents on the palette.


The case is very sturdy. It's compact, if I hold it in my hand if fits perfectly and there's still space left, so it's shorter than my hand. From photos I've seen online I was expecting it to be larger, but the fact it is actually smaller is not something necessarily negative.
If finger prints are your pet peeve... well take into consideration that the front part is basically a mirror. Talking of mirrors, there's a pretty large one on the inside.
The names of the eyeshadows are in the back: I think it's a plus they're not printed on the cardboard packaging that usually gets thrown away, but they're not inside case.


From left to right:

Newbury Street: light, shimmery gold; pigmented, soft.
Windsor: matte bone colour; very pimented and soft.
Privilege: shimmery warm gold; less pigmented than Newbury Street but builds up.
Dover: matte light, brownish grey; soft but not very pigmented.
Foix: matte light peachy neutral; very pimented and soft.
Castille: matte rusty brown; slightly drier than the mattes so far but builds up nicely.
Alnwick: shimmery rust; drier, builds up but not to 'full potential".
Beaumaris: shimmery bronze with a touch of red; quite soft, builds up nicely.
Splendor: shimmery taupe; buttery and super pigmented.
Versailles: shimmery bronze; soft and pigmented.
Montaillou: matte dark cool brown; chalky, not pigmented, worst of the palette.
Reale: shimmery black; dry but better than Montaillou.

Take into consideration that many shades give a bit of a fallout. To me personally it is not a major concern, as I always do my base afterwards. Nonetheless, I can see that at this price point some people can be disappointed by this.
Wearing time is very good (with MAC Paint Pot and Urban Decay Primer Potion, both set with Foix).
I love how this palette is so versatile and allows you to create a whole variety of looks, from the most simple and sophisticated to the sultriest and sexiest.
The balance between matte and shimmery shades is perfect, all the colours work well together and the colour 'assembly' was definitely well thought. The downside is that there are tons of different dupes out there, these colours are not groundbreaking. But the convenient aspect is that it's ideal for travelling, at least for me, because I can see myself using only this and still not missing other palettes back home. Ok, maybe if I exclude the Sweet Peach palette.

All in all, considering the colour coordination, the versatility, the sturdiness of the packaging and the quality of the eyeshadows (except one, Montaillou), I think this is a nice palette to have, especially if you crave for some basics!

Take care beauties!


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