giovedì 30 novembre 2017

The nailcare and handcare edit: my staples and some tips

It's been a minute since I started doing my own natural nails at home and I've tried *coughs* quite lot of products myself during this decade [you can check out my Flickr album for reference] and I think I've finally come to know how to take care of my nails. For this, I feel like I can share a couple of tips without feeling guilty for doing so (e.g. not feeling "entitled" to do so ahahah).

If you've read my previous post on nailcare, the way I perform my manicure hasn't drastically changed. As a matter of fact, many of the things I've talked about in that article (link here) are still relevant.
However, in these last few years, I've learnt some new things.

The best way to take care of my nails and hands, for me, is by three separate phases, each of which consists of different steps: 
  1. Dry phase
  2. Wet phase
  3. Oily/greasy phase

mercoledì 29 novembre 2017

Random chit-chat

Hello beauties!
Today I'm doing something I think I've never done on this blog, and it is actually sharing some personal thoughts. Not on nihilistic philosophy or any weightier topic, but on the beauty community and my two cents on the subject.

First of all, my intention is not to throw shade on anyone nor criticize nobody's way of life or choices by any mean.
However, since I started watching beauty videos on Youtube or reading beauty and nail blogs almost... well, ten years ago, things have changed quite a bit.
The positive aspects of the change are better quality in photography, editing, videos, the fact that so much info is right at your fingertips.
But at the same time, I feel some of the content and creativity had been lost along the way.
Of course, blogs and Youtube channels are quite two distinct if not separate worlds.
Talking of the former, even though there are some beautiful blogs (Italian, British, American, French, Portuguese, Australian, etc...) that have amazing content, are well written and also happen to have excellent photos (I'm not going to pretend that I don't consider  aesthetics as well), I feel like some other blogs, for as beautiful or famous as they are, have lost that spark, that originality that made them grow and become interesting, to my eyes at least.
Blogs, especially nail polish related ones, are (kind of) losing the battle with Instagram. Images have a powerful impact, that's for sure, but shouldn't words have equal power?
I am certainly not a type of "blogger" (well, am I one, really?) that... types a lot (sorry, the pun was too much fun), but it doesn't mean I don't appreciate writing or reading.
I write on other subjects, more personal, on other platforms, but when it comes to nails, makeup and beauty I have a lot of things to say on my mind, but unfortunately not much desire to put said thoughts in written words. I guess I'm just lazy. I always tell myself to make videos or a podcast because chatting about beauty would be fun and then I never do it.

And this leads me to Youtube. Clickbait titles and thumbnails, same contents, same subjects, same topics, even the same styles sometimes! Not to mention fakeness, rudeness, bullying, hyper-drama and aggressiveness.
I don't need to make names, I don't even want to, but I long for those days when watching other girls' videos and reading their blogs was fun, engaging and was also a way to make connections, talk about your passions with other people like you.
I'm not saying it does not happen today as well, but... personally, I don't see that anymore. And that's such a shame. Above all, for the young girls that maybe move their first steps into the beauty world by watching some plasticky, fake bombshells that make them think all it takes to be happy or fulfilled is to be perfectly made up.
I'm not saying these people are bad role models or that they are shallow. Maybe there are some profound individuals. What I'm saying is that we need more spontaneity, less worrying about the "picture perfect" and more genuineness. Of course, wearing (or not) our favourite lipstick and nail polish.

I would really love to hear your opinion! Do you think the beauty community got better, worse? Do you prefer the "good ol' times" or you really enjoy how it is right now?
Let me know in the comments down below!
Thanks for stopping by, take care beauties!

lunedì 27 novembre 2017

Makeup looks lately, 7

Nabla Créme Shadow Dandy
MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Black Line

Colourpop Super Shock Cheeks in Quarters
MAC Pigment in Naked (cheekbone highlighter)

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Trust Me

martedì 14 novembre 2017

Purple nail polishes comparison part 1 - Smalti viola a confronto parte 1

Direct natural light (indoor) - Luce naturale diretta (interno)

Index - Indice: Chanel Paradoxal
Middle - Medio: OPI Hello Hawaii Ya

Ring - Anulare: Nubar Pharoah's Purple

Pinky - Mignolo: Orly Blend


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