Polishes - Smalti

China Glaze Branding Iron
YSL n° 39 Gris Orage / Stormy Gray
KBShimmer Scribble Me This 

Bundle Monster clutch organizer
Bundle Monster The Monocle stamper
Bundle Monster XL209 Lucy's Stash
Bundle Monster XL216 Paulina's Passions
Bundle Monster XL217 Tanya Wish
Bundle Monster XL351 Floral Heaven
Bundle Monster XL352 Butterfly Wings
Bundle Monster XL357 Boho
Bundle Monster XL358 Good Vibes
Bundle Monster XL17 Mosaic Mastery

Bliss Kiss Simply Neat Miracle Mat
Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Empty Pens
Lady Bug Polish Holder

KBShimmer Unscented Hand Lotion
ncLA Rich Oil  Dark Almond, Sweet Grapefruit, Rose Petals

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