lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

Work appropriate Monday: Cuccio Colour Nude-A-Tude

Direct sunlight (outdoor) - Luce del sole diretta (esterno)

Marca: Cuccio Colour
Colore: Nude-A-Tude
Collezione: Nudetrals (inverno 2015)
Passate: 2
Brand: Cuccio Colour
Colour: Nude-A-Tude
Collection: Nudetrals (Winter 2015)
Coats: 2 

domenica 21 febbraio 2016

Nails Inc Belgrave Place

Direct sunlight (outdoor) - Luce del sole diretta (esterno)

Marca: Nails Inc.
Colore: Belgrave Place
Passate: 2
Formula: buona ed il colore è molto carino, simile a OPI OPI...Eurso Euro, solo più viola.

Brand: Nails Inc.
Colour: Belgrave Place
Coats: 2
Formula: it's good; the colour is very pretty and reminds me of a more purple version of OPI OPI...Eurso Euro.

Favourite makeup and beauty related YouTube channels

Hello beauties!
Today I wanted to share my favourite makeup and beauty related YouTube channels.
The curators of these channels are inspiring individuals: some of these people need no introduction (oh, hello Lisa Eldridge), others aren't as famous, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't deserve to be. That's why I wanted to make this list, hoping you can get to know new amazing makeup artists and/or makeup and beauty enthusiasts!

[Traduzione in italiano nella seconda parte dell'articolo, cliccate in fondo ;)]

Lisa Eldridge 
Lancôme artistic director, British makeup artist, she's a true professional famous in the industry for her amazing work.

Sharon Farrell
Sharon is an Irish makeup artist based in Australia. Her looks are always stunning and range from simple makeup to full-on glam.

Shonagh Scott (ShowMe Makeup)

English makeup artist, she's not very famous on YT and that's such a shame 'cause this beauty is so genuine, lovely and talented! The way she makes the skin look so flawless without adding too many products is amazing.

Jackie Aina
Finally the first American girl on this list, Jackie rocks her talent on her channel! Her style is usually pretty "full on", but in a very elegant and feminine way. Her skin is seriously glowy! Amazing reference for women of color.

Mr Daniel Makeup

Italian makeup artist, artistic director of his own young but known makeup brand Nabla Cosmetics.
His eye looks...oh my! 
Makeup With Jah
New Zealand based artist, this girl can really go from beautiful no makeup face to a full transformation! Her looks are usually pretty dramatic, so not for everyone, but she's so good!

Jordan Liberty

Another man in the game that knows his stuff and masters the makeup techniques very well. This artist is a true inspiration. I love his editorial inspired looks.
Melissa Alatorre

She's an American makeup artist that I've only recently discovered, but she's now one my top faves! I really like her eye looks and the fact that her looks are always well balanced and classy. 
Makeup by Ally

"Just a girl with a mild makeup obsession". And this Philly-based makeup enthusiast knows some pretty good tips and tricks!

Makeup by Eman

Eman is an Egyptian, Canadian based artist that recently moved to L.A. and her channel is a nice source of info for everything glam makeup and hair related.

Nikkie Tutorials
The Dutch girl that conquered the YouTube beauty community! She became a makeup artist because of YT and she hasn't stopped since then!

This French girl has a beauty, fashion, lifestyle channel, so I think you can find something for you (keep in mind she speaks French). For some reason, I really like her Christmas makeup looks.

Kaushal Beauty
Hayley Kassel

These girls are so friendly, nice and informative (oh, other than beautiful, of course) that it just worths checking their channels out. On Kaushal Beauty you can find inspirational looks for Indian outfits and makeup!

There so many channels and so many talented people, but these are my favourites and I feel like sharing them with you.
I'm curious to know who are your favourite youtubers, if you have any. Share them in the comments please! Take care beauties,


giovedì 18 febbraio 2016

Pearly white polishes comparison - Smalti bianchi perlati a confronto

Direct sunlight (outdoor) - Luce del sole diretta (esterno)

Pollice - thumb: Orly Au Champagne
Indice - index: OPI Calling All Goddesses
Medio - middle: butter LONDON Pearly Queen
Anulare - ring: OPI Moon Over Mombai
Mignolo - pinky: OPI Pearl's Night Out

mercoledì 17 febbraio 2016

Deborah Lippmann She Drives Me Crazy


Ciao bellezze,
come state? Che avete combinato nell'ultimo mese?
Sembra un secolo che non pubblico qualcosa sul blog e mi è mancato tantissimo! Spero di tornare in carreggiata e condividere più spesso con voi i bellissimi smalti le cui foto sono in attesa di essere pubblicate nella cartella Swatches (e anche qualcosina relativo al makeup).

Hello beauties,
how are you? What have you been up to in the last month?
It's been a minute, right? Gosh I missed blogging so much. Hope I can get back on track and share more often some of the beautiful polishes that are sitting in the Swatches folder awaiting to be published (and the bits of makeup too).

Marca: Deborah Lippmann
Colore: She Drives Me Crazy
Collezione: 80’s Rewind (Estate 2014)
Passate: 2
Formula: cremosa, coprente, facile facile. Come bere un bicchier d’acqua

Brand: Deborah Lippmann
Colour: She Drives Me Crazy
Collection: 80’s Rewind (Summer 2014)
Coats: 2
Formula: smooth, opaque, glossy, easy peasy.
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