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My skincare routine

Even though my skin is far from being perfect, it has got a lot better with time. And with experience: I’ve humbly shared this “knowledge” in the previous post.
One thing that I didn’t mention is that I only use organic and/or natural products. I find they’re the ones that work better with my skin and get me results.
I’ve got blemish prone, oily skin that has a tendency to become dull, liveless and also develop scars from spots if I don’t handle them correctly. During the winter time, it gets drier and I have some occasional flakiness. In the summer, I tend to have a lot more blemishes, especially on the areas where I sweat mostly, like on my forehead. Also consider I’m almost in my thirties, so I need to start catering the “fine lines problem”.
Here are my routines.

The morning routine is easy-peasy simple. I cleanse using my cleanser of choice and rinse with lukewarm water (never too hot, slightly on the colder side), pat dry, tone using a cotton pad, moisturize. If I’m very good I also use the eye cream. Now, you can bash me if you want to but, sometimes I skip these steps altogether and I survive and go through my day.

Now, here’s the important part. As I said previously, having any sort of nighttime routine is unavoidable. There’s a lot of grime (read: pollution, sweat, sebum, makeup…) sitting on the skin and it needs to be removed asap.
The basic routine is this: I wash with a gel-like cleanser (usually with the Clarisonic, but not now), tone either with the usual acid toner or the occasional brightening, moisturizing one. Then eye cream (if I’m being a good girl), anti-oxidant/richer face cream and face oil. If in that particular moment I use a serum, I apply before the face cream. Not to forget my lips, which I nourish with a specific balm and sometimes exfoliate using a specific scrub.
If I’m wearing makeup, first I remove it from my eyes with a bi-phase eye makeup remover and I use a cleansing oil (or a balm or micellar water) on the rest of my face. Afterwards, I follow with my basic routine.
There are some weekly appointments though that help me get even, clearer, brighter skin: the chemical peeling, the purifying face mask and the physical scrub. From time to time, I steam my face before the purifying mask to open up the pores and clean them more accurately.
Oh, occasionally I spritz a bit of cornflower floral water on two cotton rounds and gently press them onto my eyes to relax and decongest the area.

What I’m using at the moment:
Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash
REN Claryfing toning Lotion
Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser
SO’Bio Etic Crème de Jour Aloe Vera Matifiante
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
L’Occitane Shea Butter Cleansing Oil
SO’Bio Etic Démaquillante Yeux Ultra-doux
Douglas Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
Balance Me Skin Bright Toning Mist
REN Resurfacing Aha Concentrate
A'kin Lavender & Rose Antioxidant Facial Night Crème
Balance Me Radiance Face Oil
Lush T Tree toner Tab, Lush Dream Steam steamer tab
REN F10 Smooth & Renew Mask
Balance Me Radiance Face Mask
Khadi Sandalwood mask
Caudelie Instant Detox Mask
Nude Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash
SO’Bio Etic Eau Floreale Bleuet biologique
Balance Me Stellar Face Balm (sample used as lip balm, this stuff is divine!)
Biofficina Toscana Scrub labbra goloso

I love the textures, the formulas and the effectiveness of these babies.
Of course, I’ve used other products in the previous years that I ended up loving and some of them I will surely repurchase in the future. Here’s a list of them, divided by category:

  • Cleansers: Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser, Antipodes Juliet brightening cleanser, REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser, Neve Cosmetics Nuvola Struccante, Lush Herbalism, Lush Buche de Noel, Bioearth gel detergente viso, Melvita Nectar Pur Gelée Nettoyante
  • Toners: Antipodes Resurrect Clarifying Facial Toner, Floral waters
  • Day creams: A'kin White Tea & Aloe Vital Hydration Facial Gel Creme, Juice Beauty Oil Free Moisturizer, Sante 24h Balance Creme Bio-Açai, Cattier Soin de Jour Matifiant Fleur d'émulsion, SO’Bio Etic Crème de Jour Aloe Vera Matifiante
  • SPF: Acorelle Gel Solaire SPF 30 Haute Protection (definitely on the hunt for something better)
  • Night cream: Antipodes Vanilla Pod
  • Eye creams: Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream, Fitocose Jalus eyes, Lavera Bio-Wildrose Eye Gel
  • Face oil: Antipodes Divine Face Oil (can I just say… <3)
  • Serums: REN Radiance Perfection Serum, Balance Me Congested Skin Serum, Juice Beauty Blemish Serum
  • Eye makeup remover: Melvita Bouquet Floral Démaquillant yeux bi-phase
  • Makeup removers: Cattier Caresse D’Herboriste, Neve Cosmetics Nuvola Struccante, Nude Perfect Cleanse Nourishing Oil, REN Rosa Centifolia™ 3-In-1 Cleansing Water, Yes To Cucumbers towelettes
  • Chemical peelings: REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Peel Mask, Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive
  • Scrubs: REN Radiance Micro Polish Cleanser, Lush Let The Good Times Roll, Lush Devils on Bare Skin
  • Purifying masks: A'kin Express Purifying Facial Masque, Lush Don’t Look At Me, Lush Love Lettuce
  • Lips: Biofficina Toscana Crema labbra riparatrice, Fleur de Lune Balsamo labbra, Crazy Rumors Pistachio, Lush Ultrabalm

Pff! That was a long one! Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to share your favorite products and tricks to take care of your skin!
Take care beauties!

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