domenica 23 dicembre 2018

Is there anyone here anymore?

Um... *cough*, *cough*. Is this thing on?

It's been ages since I've updated the blog and I haven't written a beauty post in ages.
I've been sporadically active on Instagram (@giarediluce), but I completely abandoned this space and I kind of feel sorry, but at the same time I know it has been because my focus was on other, more important aspects of my life.

I finally graduated! It has taken a while, I don't want to bother you with the reasons why it has, but... it's over. And now I can seek better opportunities.

This year so many things have changed it's incredible!
Not everything has changed for the worst and change is inevitable but sometimes, you know, it can leave you a bit confused. You don't know which choices to make.

So... I graduated, my relationship status has changed, I've been living on my own again, struggled a bit to get adjusted to the situation both emotionally and financially, my relationship with my father has improved a bit, started a new part-time job, unfortunately lost another family member.

I cannot say, though, that I'm not satisfied with myself because I handled the situations the best way I could and I believe that what I've gone through in the past has helped me reaching this level of self-awareness.
I'm genuinely a modest person, so to talk about my qualities is difficult for me, but I'm happy to say I can recognize my strength, my reliance. Not in comparison to other people, but for who I am.

And once more I came to deeply understand how lucky I am to have some important people in my life, no matter the definition we give or do not give to the relationship: friends that are like a sister and a brother to me, a second family, an ex that is a very close friend, distant friends that are closer to my heart than some people that live 500 meters from where I live.

I wanted this post to be personal 'cause I felt like open up. If I'm going to update the blog, I will go back to my beauty passion. Even though... Is it still relevant to use Blogger? Or to run a blog, really?
IG seems to have taken over...

So, I hope to still find some of you here, hope you're all well and we should start to interact again, shall we? I miss those early years of blogging when it was all about having fun and creating connections.

I am thinking about moving to WordPress and changing the content a bit maybe? Incorporating different things. Let me know what you guys think and have an amazing holiday season!




Along with being excited, I'm kind of shitting myself as well because blogs these days seem to be all professional and perfect, but I'm going to not give a f. and try to enjoy what I'm doing with no growth or success goal in mind.

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