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Favourite nail care blog posts

You know, I've got this strange thing: I really like nailcare-related photos. And I enjoy reading posts and articles on the subject: even though I've found my own firm favourites, I'm still curious and want to know about what other people (well, especially talented nail bloggers) use and what is their routine.
There's nothing as classy as perfectly manicured hands and nails. Well that, and the natural elegance some women are just born with.
So here's a selection of my favourite nailcare and handcare beauty blog posts.
Thanks to all of them for letting me use their pics and material.

[I've asked permission to all the bloggers mentioned to use their images and link back to their blog. Everyone answered 'yes', except for Sabrina of "The Beauty Look Book" who didn't respond to the email. Maybe she missed it. Sabrina, if you see this post and want me to remove all references to your blog and photos of yours, I will most certainly and immediately do so.]

The Beauty Look Book
Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book is always been such an inspiration. Her photos are always on point and her content is always interesting. I came to know of the Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover thanks to her, and that is my absolute favourite cuticle remover.
She did two blog posts about her nail care routine and maintenance.
The first one is from 2014:
The Beauty Look Book | Nail and Hand care essentials


The most recent and updated version of her favs is explained in this article, that also includes a step-by-step tutorial:
The Beauty Look Book | How to Maintain Hands for Healthy Looking Nails + My Personal DIY Manicure Tips

Nailz Craze Beauty Blog
Natalie, creator of the stamping plates brand Nailz Craze, is a truly charming girl and her long beautiful nails are... perfection.
We share a couple of favourites too, my hands or nails look nothing like hers though.
She also wrote two articles about her essentials, enjoy them!

My Nail Care Essentials, a post from 2014

 10 Products for A Perfect Manicure, the most recent article on the subject

The Nailasaurus
Sammy is pretty much the British goddess of nail art (on short nails, demonstrating that pretty much everyone can sport freakin' gorgeous digits, no long claws required to have fun with colors, techniques and imagination).
In 2016, she was even named 'Best UK Nail Blogger' by Scratch Magazine at the Scratch Stars Awards!

My Nail Care Routine: Products and Tools

The Lazy's Girl Guide To Nail Care

Liquid Jelly
Liz, blogger since 2011, has a true passion for nail polish and she also created her own indie nail polish brand, Pretty Jelly! In the article I've chosen, apart from sharing her favourite products, she also gives a little bit of advice on the nutrients to obtain healthier nails and how she got yellow stained nail beds beaten for good.

Healthier Nails for 2014: Tips and Products

I hope you'll visit these ladies' blogs and leave a comment if you want!
Take care ladies!

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